Ultimate Miami Dance Guitar - Album - On iTunes

Ultimate Ibiza/Miami style chill out featuring the exquisite guitar melodies that we've come to expect from a Tim Scott - Guitar Mashing release; with guest appearances from the amazing female vocalist Ruthybabez and guest Trombone from Patrick Friel (Plan B)

Album on iTunes pre-release from 24th February due on March 24th; preview the album now on Sound Cloud.

Tim Scott - Magnesium Black (Official Video)

The video features an Aston Martin DB9 driving the A537 Cat and Fiddle Road between Macclesfield and Buxton; see if you can spot the Ariel Atom passing by. All in all an amazing day of filming from sunrise to pure blue open skies and glowing sunset.

Tim Scott's "Magnesium Black (Radio Edit)" single is now one of his best-selling downloads to date.

Buy "Magnesium Black" on iTunes now.

Ibiza Mayhem 2012 - Album - On iTunes

GuitarTechniques album review May 2012.

"Here seven highly intricate instrumental tracks have been given a solid dance back beat and a remix that makes them fun to listen to, and even if you're not about to spend the night in a sleazy club in Ibiza this is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. What's more it's still technically breath-taking so none of the expertise is lost, it's just made accessible to a much wider audience."

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Spanish guitar mash-up of 'Ibiza's Secret Garden' taken from Tim's second album Guitar Mashing.

Visit TimScottTV Tim's YouTube channel to see more.

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Tim Scott, Composer, Producer, Session Guitarist and Guitar Teacher

Scott’s extraordinary debut ‘Bald On The Inside’ brought national press attention, with Guitarist (magazine) describing thus: “This is impressive, world-class stuff and if you like great guitar playing you should definitely check it out.” All the UK guitar magazines followed suit drawing comparisons to legendary guitarists such as Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Steve Lukather.

With this in mind Scott embarked on a UK wide tour of Borders stores performing live showcases in Starbucks which generated enough sales to send it shooting into their top 200 sellers list in 2004.

The press reaction to this debut gave Tim opportunity to work alongside the legendary Radio 1 DJ Judge Jules on the track ‘Puesta Del Sol’ blending original Spanish guitar with slamming Techno.

The ‘Guitar Mashing’ phenomenon was born out of Ibiza during the Radio 1 events of 2005/2006 where Tim improvised live guitar over Judge Jules funky set at Judgement Sundays mashing famous riffs mixed with hooks from his second album over the beats to an enthused audience.

Scott’s second album ‘Guitar Mashing’ was described by Guitar Techniques (magazine) thus: “It’s not often we declare a guitar album to be outstanding” with Guitarist (magazine) following suit saying “The interesting arrangements and tones that Scott has used here give the oft-tired guitar instrumental album formula a real shot in the arm, making sure that this album comes very highly recommended.”

The following single ‘Amy Jane’ caused a storm with Total Guitar (magazine) placing it at number 9 in their top 10 tracks to download in the December 2009 edition.

Single number three towards the third album ‘Cataclysmic Pink’ was pronounced by CityLife thus: “Cataclysmic Pink is an astute meeting of worlds - a sonic car crash you might expect to end in tears, but one Scott's utterly exotic style of guitar playing manages to meld incredibly satisfyingly.”

Some say he sounds like Carlos Santana because of the substantial Spanish/Balearic quintessence others recognise the vocal like melodic rock guitar tones that only could be influenced by the likes of Dave Gilmore and Brian May.

But crossing virtuoso guitar with main stream genres such as Drum & Bass, Trance, Electro, Dubstep and House is something you would not expect to mesh but remarkably Tim blends together exceptionally!

Tim is currently working on the seventh single towards his third album which has pushed the guitar mashing concept to the limit with ultra-slick production mixed with instantly recognisable hooks in his own inimitable style.

"…fans can easily rest assured that the results will be as fresh and as unexpected as ever." Zavvi Loves Tim Scott 2010

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